Cause & Impact

By the end of 2020, over 6 million children in India were reported to be out of school due to the impact of COVID-19. The pandemic has had the worst possible consequences on children, devoiding them of the most essential elements of their childhood- education, medical care, holistic care and development.

Sunfeast India Move As One will help children out of distress situations that they are subject to during the pandemic by focusing on:

  1. Ration and humanitarian distributions which shall facilitate the fulfillment of nutritional needs and hygiene requirements of children and their families suffering from socio-economic crises.
  2. Academic support, career guidance and skill building that shall be provided to children who have been put out of educational institutions due to the imposed restrictions.
  3. Ensuring access to basic medical services, treatment facilities for children with special needs and lifesaving vaccination for infants
  4. Provision of child protection and psychological counselling services that shall allow children to cope with social evils and the miseries induced by the pandemic.

Powered by - GiveIndia

GiveIndia exists to alleviate poverty by enabling the world to give. Established in 2000, we are the largest and the most trusted giving platform in India today. We enable individuals and organizations to raise and donate funds conveniently to any cause they care about, with offerings including crowdfunding, corporate giving, cause marketing and philanthropy consulting. Our community of 2 million+ donors and 250+ partners have supported 2,000+ verified nonprofits, serving 15 million+ people across the country.

“We are proud to continue our association with Procam International as they launch Sunfeast India Move As One (SIMAO), the second edition of the first-of-its-kind virtual fitness event. After the country has faced the deadly devastation of COVID’s second wave, what has emerged as a need of the hour is the plight of our children. Many have lost both or a single parent to COVID, those already on the streets or belonging to low-income families have been fighting hunger and malnutrition. This year, SIMAO aims to pave a brighter tomorrow for India’s children. We are humbled to be in this fight together, through the second and more inclusive edition of SIMAO”- Atul Satija, Founder 2.0 and CEO, GiveIndia.


In partnership with verified NGO partners that work closely with these communities, GiveIndia will check proposals from each partner stating the number of beneficiaries, locations, proposed utilisation of donated amounts, etc and verify their authenticity. By the end of the campaign, GiveIndia shall start receiving impact updates from partner NGOs, adhering to GiveIndia’s reporting requirements.


  1. The NGOs empaneled will work with children from affected communities to provide them the necessary support and relief.
  2. GiveIndia shall set reporting expectations with NGOs to extract impact report of the work done by its partners.
  3. Should the NGO’s beneficiary privacy policies permit, GiveIndia shall try to collect individual stories of impact from the empaneled partners.


All donations and funds raised at SIMAO, will be through the GiveIndia platform. Below is the information on how individuals and companies can get involved in SIMAO and make charitable contributions towards the cause of children.

Individual Fundraising:

To enroll for Sunfeast India Move As One, an individual is first required to complete the registration process on the SIMAO website:

  1. Out of the INR 149 registration fee, INR 50 is reserved as a charity contribution.
  2. As a part of the registration process, applicants can magnify their impact by choosing to add a top-up donation above the reserved charity share of INR 50.
  3. Along with registering for SIMAO, applicants can also choose to fundraise on the GiveIndia online platform for an NGO of their choice.

Corporate Involvement:

Given the various lockdown norms globally, social distancing, resulting in financial, mental, and physical stress. Being confined at homes gives limited scope to focus on physical and mental health. And with most working from home, the opportunities to unify a company, besides business goals, is limited. Corporates can engage with their employees and encourage them to run/walk/exercise for a cause - encouraging Virtual Volunteering, thereby fulfilling the Corporate’s HR and CSR objectives.