~ Arvind Dutt pledges 40 km for Sunfeast India Move As One ~

Deputy Inspector General, BSF Arvind Dutt incurred a severe spinal injury while patrolling on Indo-Pak border in Raisingh Nagar in Rajasthan in 1989. This injury rendered his entire lower body paralysed thereafter, "I incurred a spinal cord injury at the Indo-Pak border in 1989 and thereafter my entire lower body has been paralyzed. Since then, I have been using a wheelchair. I was commanding a company when I got injured while patrolling in Raisingh Nagar in Rajasthan. After my treatment in New Delhi AIIMS, BSF posted me in the computers department & I moved to the BSF force headquarters in Delhi. I was assigned a desk job when I re-joined work. I learned computers and tried to upgrade myself," said Arvind, who is a recipient of the prestigious President's Police Medal for meritorious service in the year 2011.

The BSF officer found himself in a very grim situation, however, he wasn't going to get bogged down by it. After spending an entire year on bed rest, Arvind slowly and steadily started wheelchair activities to maintain good health.

"I was an avid football player and athlete before my injury. I was on a bed for an entire year post my injury so at that time I wanted to do some exercise. I started going for physiotherapy twice a week. I started doing wheelchair activities in the mornings – 2-3 km every day before going to office.  Then in 2008, an event in Delhi organized a wheelchair half marathon and I took part in that. I think that event was the turning point for me. Then there was no stopping me after that race.  I have taken part in more than 40 half marathons post that race. I try to take part in as many events as possible," said the 59-year-old.

After scripting an inspiring story by doing wheelchair activities to keep fit and fighting against all odds to take part in various wheelchair half marathon events in the last 30 years, Arvind is embarking on a journey to help millions of children who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic through the Sunfeast India Move As One initiative, which kicked off on India's 75th Independence Day.

"I have pledged 40 km for SIMAO. It is a very good event because it helps children who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and also helps the participants to take care of their own health as it is the most important asset for us. Not many people realize that health is the most important asset in life than other assets. The people of India should do any activity in the Sunfeast India Move As One for their good health. The initiative provides an opportunity to you to set a target and encourages you to go for it every day. The movement also gives you an opportunity to take part in an initiative which is giving to society," signed off Arvind.

At INR 149, this first-of-its-kind citizen-led Sunfeast India Move As One movement encourages participants to run, walk, jog, cycle, use a wheelchair, treadmill, or stationary bike. INR 50 from every registration will go directly towards NGOs supporting children causes empaneled with GiveIndia for Sunfeast India Move As One.

Registrations for the Sunfeast India Move As One began on 28th July and will continue till 13th Sep 2021. The movement commenced on 15th Aug 2021 and will continue till 15th Sep 2021. Participants will have the opportunity to fundraise until 30th Sep 2021. For more details log on to: sunfeastindiamoveasone.procam.in


Sunfeast India Move As One - Virtual Movement

India's largest citizen movement to help children affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Walk, run, jog, and contribute towards helping children whose lives were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Sunfeast India Move As One is envisioned by leading sports IP creator Procam International, powered by the nation's most trusted giving platform Give India, championed by ITC' s Sunfeast, one of India's leading biscuits brand and, strengthened by the Fit India Movement.

The movement is reinforced by Art of Living and supported by ASICS, Imd1 – YoGo, FAST&UP, PhonePe, Republic TV, Fever FM & Radio One and E4M & BW.