Procam International on Monday launched “Nikal Pado toh Mumkin Hai” as the official anthem for Sunfeast India Move As One which got off to a roaring start on Sunday, setting off on India's 75th Independence Day. Community, Social Impact & Wellness- at the heart; This movement brings the opportunity for each of us to step up and be part of this incredible initiative in support of Livelihoods. Over the next four weeks, the initiative will bring together 28 states, 6 union territories and Indophiles from across the world with an intent to make a difference.

“Nikal Pado toh Mumkin Hai” has been penned by renowned lyricist and Padmashree awardee Shri Prasoon Joshi and composed by the celebrated musical duo Salim- Suleiman. The anthem reverberates the true spirit and zest of our nation, which is positive camaraderie and showing resilience in the face of adversity. "We are thrilled that Nikal Pado toh Mumkin Hai has been relaunched as the official anthem for the Sunfeast India Move As One movement. We hope that the anthem inspires the people of our country to join the movement and help millions of chidren who have suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic," stated Sulaiman while Salim expressed just why this song is so special.

"This song is very special to us. It gives us (everyone) a purpose, strength and inspiration to every human to run for a cause. If you have decided something, if you have decided to bring a change then nothing is stopping you from doing it - these are beautiful lines by Prasoon Joshi. We had so much happiness when we made this song and I have actually started running long-distance ever since we made this song," Salim said.

Award-winning lyricist Prasoon Joshi added, "I visited the thought of running when I wrote the screenplay for Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. What I realized was that it's all about the beginning. Beginning something is the most difficult thing. That is why the song is about the beginning. An anthem is actually a kind of reminder for people who someday pledged something, what someone started and I am very happy that this anthem has been able to do that."

The anthem has been used in the previous editions of Delhi and Mumbai marathons, but SIMAO (erstwhile Sunfeast India Run as One) witnessed a fresh rendition of the song with various singers from the industry coming on board to produce a special edition dedicated to the ongoing situation and how the Sunfeast India Move As One emerges as a beacon of hope bringing together lives for building livelihoods. The anthem ‘Mumkin hai’ will weave together the essence of the movement and will be played in audio & video formats throughout the tenure of the movement to motivate the participants to push that one extra mile, that can go a long way to help rebuild the lives of many children who have suffered due to the pandemic.   "We are very happy to announce Mumkin Hai as the official anthem of Sunfeast India Move As One. I am sure its pulsating lyrics and tempo will play a big role in achieving our goal of getting 1 million people to participate and raise over 100 million rupees for livelihoods," stated Anil Singh, Joint-MD, Procam International.

At INR 149, Sunfeast India Move As One encourages participants to run, walk, jog, cycle, use a wheelchair, treadmill, or stationary bike. INR 50 from every registration will go directly towards NGOs supporting children causes empaneled with GiveIndia for Sunfeast India Move As One.

Registrations for the Sunfeast India Move As One will continue till 13th Sep 2021. The movement commenced on 15th Aug 2021 and will continue till 15th Sep 2021. Participants will have the opportunity to fundraise until 30th Sep 2021. For more details log on to:

The Sunfeast India Move As One is envisioned by leading sports IP creator Procam International, powered by the nation's most trusted giving platform Give India, championed by ITC' s Sunfeast, one of India's leading biscuits brand and, strengthened by the Fit India Movement.

The movement is reinforced by Art of Living and supported by ASICS, Imd1 – YoGo, FAST&UP, PhonePe, Republic TV, Fever FM & Radio One and E4M & BW.