~ Anamika Vats pledges 60 km for Sunfeast India Move As One ~

Sport has always played an integral part in Anamika Vats' life, right from her childhood. She was an avid badminton player and also indulged in running during her childhood days. However, she understood the true power of running when she suffered a major illness in 2016. Anamika, from Lucknow, was mostly confined to her bed when both of her kidneys failed in 2016, but she didn't get deterred by the situation and instead fought back to resume regular life through running.

"I had trouble breathing and I had a continuous fever in 2016. When I got tested, I found out that there was excess water in my right lung and both my kidneys have failed. Then I started dialysis twice a week," said Anamika.

The 43-year-old added that her husband motivated her to fight the illness by at least stepping out of the house, "When I started dialysis in 2016, I thought that I won't be able to do anything. I was confined to a bed for seven months and I couldn't move anywhere. However, then I thought if I just stay being sick then I won't be able to do anything in life. Then my husband supported me a lot. He asked me to at least start moving out of the house to go for walks. Then I started walking slowly and steadily and subsequently, I joined a running group. Then I started building myself slowly."

"In the beginning, I found it difficult to even walk 100 meters. Then one day I ran 3 km and I was so happy that I started crying. A lot of people have motivated and helped me to run," said Anamika.

Speaking about joining the Sunfeast India Move As One, a first-of-its-kind citizen-led movement, to help millions of children who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Anamika said, "I felt that I could do my bit through the Sunfeast India Move As One as the movement is helping the children who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and that's why I have joined the initiative. I will try to cover 60-70 km in the course of the entire Sunfeast India Move As One movement. I would like to urge people of all ages to join this movement. They can take part for their own health benefits and also help the children in distress."

Anamika has shown that through the power of grit and perseverance, one can do anything. When asked about the impact of running on her life, Anamika said, "Running has brought a lot of changes to my life. Since I started running, I have started being very positive. I don't even feel like I am on dialysis and I have health issues. In a recent event, I ran 30 km continuously and finished second on the podium. I have taken part in half marathons and 10K events as well."

At INR 149, this first-of-its-kind citizen-led Sunfeast India Move As One movement encourages participants to run, walk, jog, cycle, use a wheelchair, treadmill, or stationary bike. A small step of registration can have a large impact on the lives of millions of children.

Registrations for the Sunfeast India Move As One began on 28th July and will continue till 13th Sep 2021. The movement commenced on 15th Aug 2021 and will continue till 15th Sep 2021. Participants will have the opportunity to fundraise until 30th Sep 2021. For more details log on to: sunfeastindiamoveasone.procam.in

The Sunfeast India Move As One is envisioned by leading sports IP creator Procam International, powered by the nation's most trusted giving platform Give India, championed by ITC' s Sunfeast, one of India's leading biscuits brand and, strengthened by the Fit India Movement.

The movement is reinforced by Art of Living and supported by ASICS, Imd1 – YoGo, FAST&UP, PhonePe, Republic TV, Fever FM & Radio One and E4M & BW.