The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have been felt by everyone across the globe in varying degrees. The pandemic has had the worst possible consequences on children, depriving them of the most essential elements of their childhood - education, medical care, holistic care and development. Since April 2020, over 250 million children in India have been impacted. The future of millions of children is at stake and it’s time for everyone to sit up, acknowledge and take decisive steps to support the future of our future generation.

“One of the best things in life is seeing a smile on a person’s face and knowing that you put it there.”

Smile Heroes is an opportunity to have influencers and celebrities lead from the front, bringing hope, health, happiness and smiles on the faces of children through their efforts.

For the Smile Heroes initiative, we invite individuals who enjoy the attention, adulation of thousands and inspire them in their daily lives, to champion the cause of Children at Sunfeast India Move As One (SIMAO), lending their passion and time to spread the word in order to raise awareness and funds for the cause.

How does this initiative work?

  • Once a celebrity/key influencer gives consent to be a Smile Hero, the Smile Hero needs to first register himself/herself as a participant to be a part of the movement on the official website ( By paying the entry fee of INR 149, the Smile Hero has already begun his/her journey to restore a child’s future; out of the total fee paid, INR 50 goes directly as a donation for the cause. Registrations commence on 28th July 2021.
  • Each Smile Hero chooses any one NGO empanelled with GiveIndia for the event and working in the space of Children to support, and makes a clarion call for his/her social media followers to join them in creating a positive influence, inspiring many others to join with them in this noble endeavour.
    • Over 95+ NGOs are already empanelled with GiveIndia. The team at Procam and GiveIndia (GI) will help in the shortlisting process. Where the Smile Hero already has an NGO s/he already supports and wants to continue to do so through SIMAO, GI will facilitate in empanelling this NGO.
  • GiveIndia will create a campaign and a group fundraising page for the Smile Hero on its website ( In order to create the page, we will need,
    • Any specific name the Smile Hero would like his campaign to be identified as. Here the celeb/key influencer can go creative!
    • A brief profile of the Smile Hero,
    • Smile Hero’s video appeal to be part of his/her campaign – the appeal to cover the reasons for choosing the specific cause vertical/NGO, any personal anecdotes with respect to the cause, any fundraising target the Smile Hero wishes to set for the group, etc.
    • Copyright free photographs we can use for campaign and promotions.
  • Once the Smile Hero campaign page is ready, the Smile Hero’s group name will form part of the event participation process.
    • Individuals can now specify the group name at the time of registering for SIMAO itself and become part of the chosen Smile Hero’s group.
    • If an individual has already registered for SIMAO and wants to join a Smile Hero’s group, he/she can simply start a fundraising page under the Smile Hero’s campaign page on (, and start fundraising for the NGO chosen.
    • The minimum fundraising/donation target for every team member to be entitled to the ‘all smiles gratification’ (detailed under individual Gratifications below) is INR 10,000.
  • The key to the success of a Smile Hero campaign, in addition to the promotions which Procam will undertake, is that the Smile Hero himself/herself spreads the word and promotes the campaign through his/her own social handles, at regular intervals
    • Procam and the Smile Hero can discuss on the communication and creatives required for various social platforms (including WhatsApp), which Procam will provide.

Gratifications for Smile Hero Campaign Team Members

Smile Heroes Gratifications

Special E-Certificate
Physical BIB

Through the Smile Hero initiative, every team fundraiser/donor will play a significant role, in whatever measures, as a game changer in restoring a childhood. In addition to being part of an elite group of individuals for a cause, the team fundraisers/donors can look forward to –

  • Name of the group will be part of participant’s profile.
  • Group name on e-bib.
  • Weekly fundraising communication from Give India.
  • Top 5 fundraisers from across all Smile Heroes groups, as on 18th September 2021 (provided they have met the minimum fundraising target) will be promoted on SIMAO social media platforms.

All Smiles Gratifications

(On completing the minimum fundraising/donation target INR 10,000 on or before 30th September 2021)

  • An opportunity to interact with the Smile Hero over a zoom call
  • Personalised and customised bib, signed by the Smile Hero, to top 10 fundraisers of the group. The bib will have a watermark of any drawing/painting made by a beneficiary child of the chosen NGO.
  • Co-branded e-certificate of recognition for the fundraising efforts.
  • A photo-op for top 5 fundraisers residing in the city where the Smile Hero resides (subject to availability of Smile Hero and prevailing Govt. COVID-19 protocols).

Rahul Bose

The HEAL Foundation

Helping India HEAL - Eradicating child sexual abuse through learning and awareness

Name of Group: The Foundation

Group Code: HFGSIMAO

Priya Dutt

Nargis Dutt Foundation

Priya Dutt is raising funds for Nargis Dutt Foundation that works for for bettering the lives of children by providing Scholarships for their education

Name of Group: Priya and Her Angels

Group Code: NDFSIMAO

Rahul Gupta

Sarthak Education Trust

Rahul Gupta is fundraising for Sarthak Educational Trust

Name of Group: Rahul Ke Racers

Group Code: SETSIMAO

Siddharth Singh

Magician Foundation India

Move 4 Magicians with Siddharth Singh to support the education of Mumbai's slum children

Name of Group: Move 4 Magicians

Group Code: M4MSIMAO