Title Sponsor - ITC Limited’s Sunfeast


ITC Limited’s Sunfeast, one of India’s most loved Bakery brands, always stands for spreading happiness and delight to consumers. We at Sunfeast, ensure to deliver happiness through our portfolio of delectable biscuits & cakes – from the indulgent Dark Fantasy™ range of biscuits to the healthier Farmlite™ & Marie Light™ range, delighting consumers across the length and breadth of the country.

Our purpose, however, goes much beyond. We are committed to the nation and to the society at large. With ITC Limited’s credo of Nation First and sab saath badhein, our effort is always to uplift & empower the vulnerable & in-need sections of the society.

COVID-19, a pandemic of unforeseen proportions, is still ravaging nations across the world. Ever since the onset, many have been impacted by the pandemic. While many have emerged stronger in their fight against COVID-19, many did not have the good fortune of doing so.

Staying true to our purpose, we endeavour to extend a helping hand to those sections of the society who’ve been deeply impacted during this pandemic.

In the first wave, Sunfeast heralded a one-of-a-kind event and never done before ‘virtual movement’; where we all came together to help migrant workers and their families. Together, we clocked more than 4 Lac Kilometres, raised more than INR 1.5 Cr. and enabled more than 80 NGOs across the Country to help the families of migrant workers.

In the second wave, one of the adversely impacted sections of the society are the children. These children are the future of our nation. And we need to come together to leave a positive impact for a brighter future.

With this objective, we are delighted to kick-start the 2nd edition of the Nation-wide movement called “Sunfeast India Move As One”.

With this 2nd edition, it is time for us to unite again and rise above all odds, and help those children who have been adversely affected by the pandemic. You can run, jog, cycle, walk, run on a treadmill, use the indoor cycle or even the wheelchair. Every single step that we take individually, will be collected together and converted into money, which will go to GiveIndia foundation who shall directly assist the children affected by the pandemic.

Let us come together and take part in a movement that shall help our children – the future of India, our future.

For every step, is a step towards spreading happiness and sunshine.